Phase II company positioned for growth

Cereno Scientific is well-positioned for strong growth in an attractive cardiovascular and rare diseases market with a diversified portfolio of clinical and preclinical candidates.

Cereno Scientific is a leading clinical stage biotech within cardiovascular epigenetics. CS1, the lead drug candidate, is in Phase II development.


Therapeutics in common and rare cardiovascular disease

Cereno Scientific holds a diversified and de-risked pipeline of clinical and early stage epigenetic modulators. Cereno has successfully created CS1, a key reformulation of valproic acid (VPA), executed on a Phase I trial with positive safety and biomarker data and discovered multiple new clinical entities (NCEs).

Therapeutic focus

Epigenetic modulation in focus

Cereno combines an extensive experience in cardiovascular diseases with epigenetic modulation in a novel approach to developing new treatments for patients in need. The aim is to use epigenetic modulating to improve the health of cardiovascular patients, both in common and rare diseases.