Privacy policy

1 October, 2017

The information we collect
There are several ways your data can end up with us. You may have chosen to subscribe to our newsletter or you may have chosen to sign up for one of our events. What information we collect depends on what you do.

Subscription of newsletters
E-mail adress.

Event and investor meetings
Name, email and phone.

Why do we collect your data?
The purpose of the personal data processing carried out by Cereno Scientific is to keep shareholders and stakeholders informed of the company, its activities and direct marketing in connection with any offerings from the company. If you are a shareholder of Cereno Scientific, we may also need to collect phone number and third-party address information via public registers. This in order for us to keep you informed about Cereno Scientific and to provide information about any offer from the company.


Purpose of data processing Legal basis for treatment
For management of newsletter subscriptions Entitled Interest
For posting promotions and marketing related to Cereno Scientific Entitled Interest
In order to handle participations in events regarding Cereno Scientific Entitled Interest

Entitled interest
Entitled interest means that data process is necessary to meet our legitimate interest. Without your information, we cannot send you your newsletter, subscribe you to events or give updated information about the company.

Sharing of personal data
Cereno Scientific does not sell your personal information to anyone, and of course we do not share your personal information with anyone. However, there are cases where we may share your personal information with selected third parties.

Suppliers of printing and distribution
We may share information with suppliers that provide print and distribution.

Processing of your personal data
Cereno Scientific generally handles your personal information within the EU / EEA. In the few cases of any data processed outside the EU / EEA, we ensure that our suppliers live up to the same level of security and protection as applied in the EU / EEA.

Storage of personal data
Your personal data is stored by Cereno Scientific as long as necessary for the purposes specified above. Cereno Scientific do regular maintenance regarding personal information and will also take reasonable steps to keep the data current and accurate.

Your rights
Right to be deleted – You are entitled to request that your personal data be deleted.
Right to rectification – You are entitled to have incorrect information about yourself corrected.
Data Portability Right – You have the right to recive your data in a machine-readable format, for the purpose of reusing it with another company.

Contact if you have questions or if you want to use any of your rights related to the handling of personal data.

If you have complaints
If you have complaints regarding our processing of your personal information, you are entitled to submit these to Datainspektionen. Datainspektionen is the Swedish regulatory authority responsible for monitoring and overseeing us and other companies that handle personal data in the Swedish market.

Contact Information:
Sweden: Datainspektionen
Phone: +46(0)8-657 61 00