Cereno Scientific Publishes Annual Report for 2019

14 May, 2020

Today, the Board of Directors of Cereno Scientific AB publishes the Annual Report for the fiscal year 2019.
The Annual Report is available on the Company’s (www.cerenoscientific.com) and Spotlight Stock Market’s (www.spotlightstockmarket.com) websites.

For further information, please contact:
Daniel Brodén – CFO
Tel: +46 768 66 77 87
E-mail: info@cerenoscientific.com

About Cereno Scientific AB
Cereno Scientific is developing a pipeline of preventive therapeutics to treat cardiovascular and rare diseases by epigenetic modulation through histone deacetylase inhibition (HDACi). The company’s lead program, CS1, is a phase II dual-acting antithrombotic drug aimed at venous thrombosis and stroke prevention for atrial fibrillation. Cereno Scientific also evaluates the potential of epigenetic modulation for rare diseases related to pulmonary fibrosis, thrombosis, inflammation and high blood pressure in the pulmonary circulation system. The FDA has granted ODD for the indication Pulmonary Arterial Hypertension (PAH) to the company’s lead compound CS1. Cereno Scientific also has a preclinical HDAC inhibitor development program. The company is located in AstraZeneca’s BioVenture Hub. Cereno Scientific’s B share has been listed on Spotlight Stock market since June 2016 with the ticker CRNO B, ISIN SE0008241558.

Annual Report 2019