Management Team

Sten R. Sörensen - Chief Executive Officer

Born 1959. CEO for Cereno Scientific since September 2015. Sörensen has extensive experience from the pharmaceutical, biotech and finance industries, as well as a board member. Sorensen was previously Head of International Marketing Operations, Monsanto (GD Searle) and Global Marketing Director for Secondary Prevention Products, Cardiovasculars, AstraZeneca. Sorensen has previously initiated two groundbreaking preventive survival studies in heart failure: MERIT-HF and RALES, and led them to global commercial success.

Niklas Bergh - Chief Scientific Officer

Born 1979. Bergh has been a deputy director at Cereno Scientific AB since November 2015. He is responsible for the R&D program and is Cereno Scientific's Chief Scientific Officer (CSO). Bergh is Associate Professor in Experimental Cardiology at Sahlgrenska Academy, University of Gothenburg. Bergh is a specialist in internal medicine and a resident physician in cardiology. Bergh works as a cardiology specialist at Sahlgrenska University Hospital and is an expert on the body's defense system against blood clots. Bergh has extensive experience from experimental and clinical research with primary focus on understanding and stimulating the body's own defense system against blood clots. Bergh is one of the founders of Cereno Scientific AB.

Björn Dahlöf - Cheif Medical Officer

Born 1953. Board member since the company was started in April 2012 and Cheif Medical Officer since september 2018. Dahlöf has practiced General Internal Medicine at Sahlgrenska Hospital for over 35 years and is Associate Professor of Cardiovascular Prevention at the Sahlgrenska Academy, University of Gothenburg. Dahlöf has extensive experience in cardiovascular research, pharmacology, drug development and clinical trials (all phases) and has lectured in these areas internationally. Dahlöf has for many years been an adviser to small and large pharmaceutical companies regarding drug development in all phases from preclinical development to larger lifecycle management studies after registration. Dahlöf has initiated and led several major national and multinational mortality and morbidity studies that have had significance for guidelines in cardiovascular prevention. In total, Dahlöf has published around 400 articles on scientific works in prestigious scientific journals. Dahlöf also has considerable experience from startups and running small companies within drug development and clinical trials.

Daniel Brodén - Chief Financial Officer

Born 1986. Chief Financial Officer at Cereno Scientific since May 2019, previously acting CFO since May 2018. Brodén has a Bachelor's degree in Business and Economics from Uppsala university and a Master's degree in Accounting from University of Gothenburg. Brodén has previously been the financial manager for GU Ventures portfolio companies and has previously worked as an auditor at Frejs Revisorer and at PwC's Financial services department.

Jan-Peter Idström - Senior Director Development

Born 1956. Senior Director Development in Cereno Scientific since September 2017. Idström has a long experience from a wide range of senior roles within pharma and medtech, including AstraZeneca and Vitrolife. Idström has worked in all development phases, from idea to finished product. He has an extensive experience of R&D for gastrointestinal (e.g. Losec® and Nexium®) and thrombosis/haemostasis products. In addition, he has led Clinical Pharmacology and Experimental Medicine units at AstraZeneca. Most recently, Idström has advised Life Science start-up companies and worked to promote closer collaboration between industry, the health care sector and academia. Idström has a PhD in biochemistry.

Jonas Faijerson Säljö - Chief Intellectual Property Officer

Born 1977. Board member since the company was started in April 2012 and Chief Intellectual Property Officer since June 2019. Faijerson Säljö is a PhD in Neurobiology and a licensed pharmacist. He has a research background in the stroke area with wide-ranging experience in the commercialization of medical innovations. Faijerson Säljö has significant expertise in intellectual property and business development experience from a large number of companies in the life science area. He is currently employed as Senior IP Business Consultant and CEO of Synergon AB.