Drug candidate CS1

Based on years of research, preclinical studies and preliminary human studies, Cereno Scientific is now developing a new drug with the aim to solve one of the greatest needs in the prevention of cardiovascular diseases.

Cereno Scientific’s concept is unique because there are currently no clinical therapies that optimize the body’s clot-dissolving system (fibrinolytic system) that is triggered when the blood clotting (coagulation) and wound healing starts after a vascular injury occurs.

The key protein in fibrinolysis that dissolves blood clots is t-PA and the main inhibitor of t-PA protein is PAI-1. In routine care, recombinant t-PA, for example Actilyse® can be used intravenously in the acute phase to dissolve blood clots after a heart attack or stroke. Preventive treatment with recombinant t-PA to prevent new attacks is not possible.

When a blood vessel is damaged due to external injury, atherosclerosis, etc. the body strives to form a blood clot that covers the vascular damage and thus prevent any bleeding. In healthy individuals, there is a balance between clot-forming systems and the system that dissolves the blood clot, fibrinolysis (t-PA). The flow in the vessel does not turn off and the individual has no symptoms. In individuals with risk factors (high blood pressure, smoking, etc.) fibrinolysis does not operate correctly and the clot-forming systems dominate. The blood clot is growing uncontrollably and could throttle the flow of blood completely. The individual is for example suffering a heart attack.

Cereno Scientific’s concept is based on a unique new formulation of valproic acid: CS1. CS1 restores the balance between the systems and the risk of thrombosis in myocardial infarction and/or stroke decreases.