New formulation

New formulation for optimal clinical effect: CS1

Cereno Scientific has initiated a collaboration with Galenica to develop a specific formulation of valproic acid, named CS1, in order to achieve an optimal therapeutic effect on fibrinolysis. A reformulation of valproic acid has many advantages because it is a well-known substance that has been used in health care for the treatment of epilepsy for decades.

For Cereno Scientific this means that the development time to finished drug will be relatively short compared to traditional drug development and that the risks in the development process of the registration may be significantly lower.

Cereno Scientific’s preventive treatment principle is based on strengthening the body’s ability to power up t-PA directly when a blood clot begins to take shape while lowering levels of PAI-1 in the blood. The fibrinolytic effect achieved with this dual principle is local in the vessel at the site of the incipient clot formation, i.e., only where they are needed.

Consequently, Cereno Scientific’s concepts present an opportunity for efficient preventive treatment of blood clots while at the same time lowering the risk of serious side effects which is the case with today’s treatments with “blood-thinning” drugs.